Biology 21

Field Botany Terms

adnate flower parts of different types fused together
alternate arranged singly along an axis, one leaf per node
annual completing life cycle in one year or growing season
anther pollen producing part of stamen
basal found at or near the base of a plant or plant part
berry fruit where all the pericarp is fleshy
bilateral divisible into mirror image halves in only 1 way
blade widened portion of petal or leaf
bristle relatively large, generally stiff, more or less straight hair
calyx entire whirl of sepals, together
capsule dry, generally many seeded fruit from compound pistil, nearly always dehiscent
cauline borne on a stem; not basal
claw narrowed basal portion of petal
connate flower parts of the same type fused together basal portion of petal
corolla entire whorl of petals, together
cyme branched inflorescence in which the central or uppermost flowers open before the central or lower flowers
dehiscent splitting open at maturity to release contents
drupe fruit with stony endocarp, rest of pericarp is fleshy
endocarp innermost layer of the pericarp
entire having margins that are continuous and smooth
epipetalous stamens that are partly fused to the petals, appearing to arise from them
filament stamen stalk
follicle dehiscent fruit with 1-carpellate pistil, opens along 1 suture line
fruit a ripened ovary
opposite located directly across from
ovary ovule-containing structure where seeds develop
perianth calyx plus corolla, together
petals inner leaf-like structures of a flower, often coloured
pedicel flower stalk
pepo hard-rind berry; gourd or melon-like fruit
pericarp ovary wall
pome accessary fruit from an inferior ovary with a papery endocap and fleshy mesocarp
radial divisible into mirror image halves in 3 or more ways
receptacle portion of pedicel supporting flower parts
pistil female, ovule-producing structure of a flower
sepal outer leaf-like structure of a flower
simple composed of a single part; undivided; unbranched
stamen male, pollen-producing structure in a flower
stigma top of pistil, pollen receiving
style stalk extending from ovary to stigma

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