Letters to Sarah

3/26/01 11:38 AM

Hello Dear Sarah

Hi my little SWEETHEART,
Here you are 17 days old today and my how you can already see the changes!!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures of your mom and dad and YOU!! It must be hard always being in pictures and looking your best at all times!!! You have to be patient with your mom. Believe me, I know, as she would eat the spaghetti out of the pot before I could get it cooked!!!! Can't wait to send you bite!!! I'm sure that would fill you up and get ya going!!!

Thanks mom and dad for keeping us in touch by e-mail soooooo many miles apart. You are doing a fantastic job!!
Love ya,
Miss Naida

3/26/01 10:53 AM

Gentle Hugs from Derris & Linda

Dear Sarah,

Warmest welcome, Little One! We were so excited to hear of your pending arrival some months ago. When we heard you popped into this world a bit sooner than expected, we earnestly prayed for your well-being, for your continued health and strength and for courage for your parents.

We just heard about your web site this morning and eagerly looked into your precious little face. What a beautiful little sweetie you are! And such proud and dedicated parents you have! It looks like God has richly blessed you and your little family. We pray that He will continue to bless you and your family through the rest of your life.

Congratulations to all!

Derris & Linda
Nathan & Matthew, too

3/22/01 7:39 AM

Hi Sarah

So glad to see you are doing well Sarah!! Nona was once like you, brought into the world 10 weeks early at 2lbs 10oz!!! You are adorable, can't wait to meet you when you come home
Carlos & Nona

3/22/01 7:34 AM

Dear Sarah,

What a tiny baby you are. You must take after your mom. Fragile yet strong. You made us worry there for a while but I am sooooo glad you are doing well. I'm glad mom and dad get to spend a lot of time with you. Grama just beamed at the last Eastern Star meeting and we were all very glad to hear her talk about you and fill us in on how you are getting along.

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of you and your parents. It is truly amazing how tiny and new a person can be and still be able to thrive. Thank God for all the technology that is available to you to keep you safe and well.

Am looking forward to meeting you somewhere around your other birthday. I know mom and dad are a very happy couple. It's wonderful being a parent. Until the age of 3 when reality kicks in. :)

Much love and God bless
Lou Ella Green

3/22/01 7:39 AM

RE: Gas War

Cool....maybe Sarah will grow up to dethrone Uncle Marty from being the gas exerting champion. Training will have to start at an early age.

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From: Sarah B
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Subject: Gas War

Hermie, dude -

I think Uncle Marty will have to watch out for my gas problem. This could be hereditary. Big word for a baby, huh?

Saray B

3/22/01 6:34 AM

RE: My pictures


Watch out for Uncle Marty's gas problem....it's nauseating ;-)

3/20/01 9:50 PM

Enjoying the snapshots


Your mom and dad have been keeping us updated with your progress with snapshots. You can see in the photos how much you are loved by your mom and dad. I enjoy checking your site for updated pictures and the captions that go along with them. Keep growing and getting stronger. Your always in my thoughts and prayers.

"Auntie" Karen

3/19/01 7:42 PM

Welcome Sweet Sarah!!!


What a precious little darling!!! I can't wait to send her some spaghetti and a big HUG and KISS!!!! Wish I could be closer to give y'all a big HUG. I know she is a BIG blessing to your family. With those special Daddy and Mommie touches I know it won't be long until she'll be able to join you at her special home filled with LOVE!!
Take care y'all!!
Love ya,
Mr. Naida and Miss Naida

3/15/01 11:25 PM

Your small but adorable


You were born into a home full of love, with wonderful parents. With their love, you will continue to grow and improve each day. You are small, but so adorable.

Peggy and Benn:

Thank you for letting me visit Sarah. I know she will get over the hurdles, and before you know it, she will be home. You also know I will be spoiling her with gifts too. Especially homemade ones.

"Auntie" Karen

3/14/01 8:14 PM

Your god father


You are so cute. You have such little hands.... I can't wait to see you.

Love, your god-father Gabe

3/14/01 4:20 PM

Into this world

Into this world you,
you have been blessed!
You are beautiful with
parents who have shared
you with all of us. My
family will open doors for
you when you knock, You
have a place to stay here
pretty sarah! Welcome!!!


3/22/01 12:31 PM

Re: Bad Mac

Sarah B.!!!???

For a minute, I thought you are Sarah Brightman, the famous vocal singer, then I realized.....

Regarding the job, you're qualified... When you're ready..


>>> Sarah B <sarahb@notyourdomain.com> 03/22/01 07:21AM >>>

Bad Mac

Hello Ru,

My Mama says she got a little cranky when you called her a bad word. You called her a Mac User. Mama says she is a PC lover right from the bottom of her precious Compaq. As for me, I use what ever I sneak in my bed here at the hospital. I've asked for a palm of my own. I can hide it underneath my blankie when the nurses are looking. I know I'm a product of a mixed marriage so I will probably use both and always keep their appearances coordinated for the holidays just like Mama. That will help when its time for me to apply for my first IT job.

Sarah B

3/14/01 10:28 AM

Happy B-Day!!

Happy Birthday................................. Can't wait for you to join our IT team (18 yrs from now???). Now, here is your first tip: PCs is your friend, even though your parents have Macs.....


3/14/01 6:21 AM

Welcome Little Angel

Little Angel

Welcome to this bright new world. Apparently you were in a hurry to join your family and start sharing their love and joy. Your family has been blessed with a very special little Angel. You have just begun to set this world on it's axle, and will continue to bring new light and joy to everyone. Special pray for your continued strength to improve and come home soon.

Peggy & Benn

Congratulations.... This is fantastic.. your little Angel looks great. Grandma (Marge) is so proud of her little Angel. Thanks for sharing Sarah's progress with us. Our continued prays for your little Angel.

Mary Argeris

3/12/01 10:36 AM

Happy Birthday

Congratulations on reaching the outside world. I hope your impatience marks a quest for discovery. Our prayers for the continued nourishment of life which has fed you so far and for the additional strength to grow up and give your parents endless joy and frustration.

Dale Clevenger

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