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7/17/01 9:14 PM

photo review

Dear Sarah,
I had a chance to review your life in photos. It was so much fun. The bath photos are my favorites. Grandma Margaret is helping me get ready for the big wedding day. Your Gabbie will be a married man in 19 days! You will be there to see it happen (if you are napping...)smile

Love to you always,

Auntie Minn

5/12/01 9:24 PM

hey sarah

Hi Sarah!
This is Corrina from Camellia assembly, i just wanted to say congratulations to your mom and dad, and to tell you that you were born on my 16th birthday!!! Can't wait to see you come around the assembly, Take care!!
love always, Corrina : )

5/12/01 10:50 AM


Dear Peggy and Benn,
I really enjoyed the photo album on baby Sarah's progress. I'm impressed to see how your little miracle grew and can see the love you put into it. I hope to clean her teeth one of these days...if I'm not retired by then. :)
Continue to enjoy your baby, and congratulations!
From, Jane (the hygienist from Dr. Chong's office)

4/30/01 12:51 PM

Welcome Home!!!

Dear Baby Sarah,
Wow, you did eat alot, did all your exercises and made sure you made it home earlier than they predicted!!! Way to go Sarah!!!!!!!!! You look so sweet and HUGGABLE!!!
Wish I could be there to give you a big GRANDMA Naida HUG!!!!!!!!! I know you love being at home in your own space without all those pokes and plugs. You certainly did show us that you could do it!! Someday we'll sit down and I'll read you the story about the LITTLE ENGINE that was determined too!!!! We'll eat spaghetti and sing the Ravioli song but don't tell mom cause she'll beat us to the table!!!
Love you,
Miss Naida

4/29/01 8:04 AM

Born to be an "Imagineer"

YoOoO Sara Jane!!

Welcome into the new century and generation....You are born to be an "Imagineer"....You have been gifted with your wonderful parents to help you on your path. And they have been given the gift of you. SEt your dreams high and follow your heart. Be whatever your dream is and find the people that will help you be the best of who you are. Close your eyes and go within you and your Spirit will give you the answers for you destiny. Whatever path you choose, do it well and with love.

hmmmmm. I see that your parents have a silly sense of humor. I'm sure in time, you will also, since it's one of those inherited behaviors, and you'll be hanging out with them. And then again, with you deciding to enter into the world a little on the early side, you may have one up on them. hahahahah....

I'm sure mommy and daddy have played you some of their music for you. Do remind them to sing to you also. Don't believe your relatives when they say the "Blincoes" can't carry a tune. YOu'll do just fine......As you know, your daddy loves to listen to some good Blues and a good harmonica.

We'll have our little talk when I visit, to hold, sing and give you kisses.

Auntie DAisy sings to SArah......Gospel style...This little light of mine....I'm going to let it shine....This little light of mine...... I'm going to let it shine...(Oh yeh, Spirit).This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine....(Yowza) , let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.......

Peace, love and light Be with you
Auntie DAisy

4/29/01 7:26 AM


YooOoO Sara!!!

Uhhhh, looks like your parents have a sense of humor.......If you end up hanging around them, I'm sure you'll be inheriting the same behavior. Welcome to the new century and generation. We'll have our little private chat when I get over there to hold and give you kisses.
Don't believe your relatives when they say the Blincoe's can't carry a tune!! YOur daddy likes the harmonica and blues. You'll have to let me know what kind of music your mommie likes. I'm sure you heard some when you were hanging out.Are they singing to you? YOu make sure you let them know that this is a must.

I see that you were anxious to come out of your mommies womb and get a good head start in your life. YOu have plenty of time to relax, enjoy your childhood before you help make some changes in the world. YOu are born to be an "Imagineer"!! Set your goals high and follow your heart and dreams. YOu were given the wonderful gift of your parents to help you.

Whatever path you choose, do it well and with love!!

Auntie Daisy

4/26/01 9:00 AM

Re: Shower vs. Tub

Hi, Sarah-

Please let your mommy know that I want to come to your party. Are you going to be there? If not, tell your mommy and daddy I want to see you soon, ok.

P.S- In a few years, you can come to "Bring Your Child to Work Day" at your mommy and daddy's job. You'll have lots of fun.


4/26/01 8:16 AM

Great baby pictures and web site.

Great baby pictures and web site. Sarah is beautiful.

Greg Mercurio

4/23/01 7:38 PM

Mi Casa es Mi Casa!!!!

Darling Sara, you can say I'm Proud of You and your fighting spirit. I prayed so hard that your Mommy & Dad would take you home safe, I was also very afraid that something could go wrong and you stay @ The Hospital would elongate.
May my Heavenly Father Bless You and you Parents Benn & Peggy and keep you together safe for a long, long time.
I love and will always keep you in a special place deep in my heart and in my mind.
There's nothing like Home Sweet Home.
I will come & visit You very soon again.
Ps. by the way dad's a cute Kangaroo!!!!
Saludos from J. Rogelio Perez Argueta.

4/23/01 5:54 PM

Welcome from Mommy's friend

Hi Sarah,

I'm your mommy's friend, Lyn. We were in Rainbow Girls together. Someday, you'll join too. Maybe you'll be a Grand O too!!Don't tell mommy, but I think you'll make a better Grand Oregon, than Grand Ohio. Please have your mommy email me your mailing address, since I have a present for you and I would like to get it to you asap!

That's about all for now. I look forward to seeing more pictures soon.

Your Friend,

Lyn Pearce

4/23/01 11:05 AM

Congratulations on going home!

Dear Sarah,

I saw your pictures on the Internet this morning.
You look very beautiful.

I'm glad you are home with your mommy and daddy now.

Best wishes and God bless you,

Hence Phillips
(your daddy's friend at work)

4/22/01 10:02 PM

Welcome home!

WELCOME HOME SARAH!I know mom and dad are happy to have you home. Keep up the eating and growing. Now I can go shopping and buy you lots of clothes.

"Auntie Karen"

4/20/01 3:38 PM



How are you doing? I hear that Sarah is rapidly gaining weight and might be coming home earlier than May.


4/12/01 5:38 PM

Hello's from Cousins

Dear Sarah,

What a cute little smile we see on your photo's this past weekend, and such expressive hands! Do we see a musician or an artist in the making? You certainly are growing. Are your going-home plans still late May? How excited your parents will be! Take care and keep eating!

Love, Derris & Linda

4/11/01 11:38 AM

Welcome to Mother Earth

Dear Sweet Sarah:

Today I spent a lot of time looking at your wonderful pictures. Your parental units must be just about as proud as peacocks!

I'm looking forward to that day in May when you will come home so that we all can have a good look at you in person.

My advise until then is EAT LOTS AND LOTS!

(Auntie of Larkin)

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