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4/11/01 8:45 AM

You are amazing!

Hi Sarah,

I just want to let you know what a miracle you are. You are a beautiful baby girl, and I am glad God has blessed your parents with such a treasure. I am having a baby in a few short weeks, and I hope my baby turns out to be as awesome as you are! My prayers are with you!!
God Bless

Carla L. Bradley
Environmental Management

4/11/01 6:07 AM

Hi Baby Sarah

I live in Kansas near a town named Parsons. I heard about you on the club I belong to called Craft Shack. Karen S. has been keeping us updated on your progress. You are a beautiful little girl and God loves you very much! My church has you on their prayer list and I have been praying for you. I am so happy for your continued health!!! My church is Westside Christian Church;5100 West Main;Parsons, Kansas 67357.

I have enjoyed seeing your pictures on the internet. You are indeed a gift from Heaven!!!


Jesus Loves the little children!!!

Best Wishes,

Lisa Han (AKA Ziggy at Craft Shack)

4/9/01 1:38 PM

You and your family touched my heart

Just wanted to say that when it was announced in a club that your friend belongs to announced that you had been born early and your weight was so small, it certainly brought back memories for me and looking at the beautiful pictures that your mommy and daddy have taken of you.

You see, on Dec 23, 1988 my Monique came into the world weighing in at 2lbs 15oz. She was born C-section due to her mommy being so ill with high blood pressure. Monqiue wasn't due till Feb 23. She was born at 31 weeks, which would have been close to the same as you were. Monique proved to be strong and a fighter from her very first breath that she took. She thrived and was home within 5 weeks of being born. She weighed 5lbs 2oz when she was permitted to come home. She is now 12 yrs old and is a beautiful young lady blossoming into a teenager. Where did the years go to as I do remember going through what your mommy and daddy are now experiencing as if it was yesturday. My Monique managed to stay petite for the longest time, but has since made up for it. Unfortunately, Monique had to stay in hospital that was 300miles away from our home and had to spend most of her stay without her parents. Her daddy was seriously ill and waiting for a liver transplant and her mommy had gotten a cold that almost turned into a pneumonia. Lucky for us, they had a beautiful program called CUDDLERS. This is volunteers that go to the neo-natal unit and cuddle that babies that are not as fortunate as you to have their mommy and daddy with them daily.

Since all this, Monique has a little sister, Jasmine, who is 8 and her daddy has received his liver transplant when Monique was only 18 months old.

Have enjoyed tremendously looking at you thrive over each hurdle you have overcome and will continue to do so. Remember, girls are fighters and I know you are just that. I do remember how important each cc of feeding you get and to be able to tolerate it well, each 1/4oz you will gain means you are closer to coming home to your loving parents. My Monique was also fed be gavage as you are.

You have been in my prayers and thaught daily since I first heard of your birth and when we returned home from a dance competition and read that I could go visit you on site, I was thrilled. Will definately be doing a daily visit to see more pictures of you. If mommy and daddy wish, they can visit my family on my photo album at They can go to the family section and visit my pride and joys also.

A stranger who knows exactly what long road you all had to walk to get this far. You may email me if you feel you wish to talk to someone who knows what you are going threw. I am always able to lend a shoulder and ear for you.


may God bless your family and guide you

4/9/01 9:50 AM

This is your Life!

Dear "Little Princess",
I know that this is the way that God intended for you to come into this world. He has a great plan for you, your mom, your dad, and grandparents. You have touched alot of people and you will be the greater of them all.
I believe that you are a known ANGEL, and you will touch alot more people as you grow older.
I wrote to your grandma one day when I heard about you and I told her at that time the feelings that I have in my heart was that you would get stronger and become the "little lady" that you are. You were brought to this earth by a "Guiding Angel" from God and that Angel will be with you always.
I hope that you will be able to write me back some day and tell me all of your adventures that you have come across and all of the fun getting there.
I want to also say to your mom and dad that you will always be the light of their life and to always be there for when you grow up. Thats very important.

I made this little poem up:

My love, my star that shines so bright
you are my Angel in God's sight!
You are with me always
from day till night!

Your love and warmth you share
with me always you care!
My growing starlight will always shine
I am in your heart as you are in mine!

Thank You,

4/9/01 9:38 PM

Shelby 8 yrs old , moms in craft shack with Karen on line

My name is Shelby. I am almost 9 years old and in the third grade. My Mom heard about you on her crafting site called the craft shack from a lady named Karen. The other day she showed us your picture, tonight she showed us your web site. I have a brother Angelo who is 3 and we have been praying for you in our prayers at night.

I just wanted to tell you that we think you are the cutest little girl we have ever seen. Mommy said that the baby doll I got for Christmas was way bigger than you are. My brother keeps kissing the computer screen when your picture is on it and that makes Mommy crazy. But today he could do what ever he wanted as this is the first time he has gone poopoo in the potty and so we had a big party for him and he took a bubble bath! He is not an easy baby like I was. He just doesn't want to use the potty. He knows when he has to he just doesn't want to. He's a good brother and you would like him. he is funny. He thinks you will like Rollie pollie ollie blues clues bear in the big blue house and bob the builder but I think right now you will like music most. My mom sings good morning to you everyday when she wakes me up and I love that the most.

We will keep watching your website for new pictures of you and keeping you in our prayers. I can't wait to see you in some cute little clothes. mom says they make very small ones for babys like you.
hugs and kisses
Shelby and Angelo

4/8/01 7:57 PM

Getting bigger everyday


Everyday I check your website for new pictures of you. You are getting bigger everyday. I love all the pictures mom and dad have taken of you smiling, asleep, taking your bottle, and feeling very content in their arms.

Tomorrow(March 9th), you will be a month old, and before you know it you will be coming home.

I know many people who are keeping you in their thoughts and prayers. You mom has said the okay, for me to post your site, for them to see what a beautiful baby you are.

I will also let them know to send e-mails too.

Can't wait to see you.

"Auntie" Karen

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