The Wedding of Peggy & Benn

Up the Aisle

5-1 Grandma and cousin
image 501 by Dale Clevenger

5-2 Maid of Honour, Brother, Flower Girl
image 502 by Dale Clevenger

maid of honour Maid of Honour walking up the aisle
image pm1 by Pam and Michael DiFilippo

5-6 Brother and Bride
image 506 by Dale Clevenger

5-8 Bride and Brother walking up the aisle
image 508 by Dale Clevenger


Setting Up ~ Pre-Ceremony ~ Dressing ~
Up the Aisle ~ Ceremony Starts ~ Vows and Rings ~ Ceremony Ends ~ The Photo Session ~
Reception ~ More Reception ~ Dancing and Kissing ~ Cake ~ Reception Ends

Wedding Countup

aisle version S19