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Shareware Games from laughing fish

This unauthorized collection has been uploaded by the author. Right now, it's all old stuff, so you may have already downloaded from other sources. Except for the newer stuff, such as Faro, which was created way back in 1998.

These games should be suitable to fish of all ages. Except for whales, who will think these are pretty dumb, but they're not real fish, so who cares?

Macintosh games require an unstuffer, DOS games require an unzipper. If you want to get technical, look elseware.

The DOS and Windoze versions have gone off on vacation. (Probably looking for a nice, quiet retirement home.)



A convoluted strategy game. Save your swamp from invaders. Maneuver your Swamp Creature to build levees, lure Evil Real Estate Agents onto the levee, use your claws to capture agents.

swamp icon SwampLord 3 is the CGA DOS version of the game. 30 June 1993. 34K.

swamp icon SwampLord 4 Swamp4.sit.hqx is the Macintosh version of the game. 6 August 1993. 50K.

swamp icon SwampLord 5 is the Java applet version of the game. 14 Dec 2002.



A puzzle arcade game. Connect pieces to create loops. Move random pipe connections around parimeter, drop against other pieces. Filled loops and ends (nubbs) gain points and clear themselves.

nubb icon Nubb v.1.19 is the CGA DOS version of the game. 30 June 1993. 34K.

nubb icon Nubb v.1.22 Nubb122.sit.hqx is the Macintosh version of the game. 6 June 1993. 39K.

nubb icon Nubb v.1.23 is the VGA DOS version of the game. 24 March 1994. 52K.


Faro Banks

An old betting card game. Faro was popular in the Old West in the 1880's. I don't know how they tolerated such slow CPU speeds.

faro icon Faro v. 3.13b is the first Windows 3.1 beta release. Attention beta testers: e-mail author to obtain registration code. 20 June 1998. 180k



Most people know what shareware is, so I won't preach. If you like the game, send me US$5. My snail address is listed in the games. Let me know what version you liked.

Submitted fees encourage me to develop more programs (new games, versions, etc.).

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