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  snapshots of old Nevada lots of pictures of old stuff. ghost towns, railroads, saloons.
  old Nevada towns and trains railroad time tables, Nevada place name lists.
  backpack trips visits to wildernesses of Nevada and California.
  pictures of old California a few snapshots of gold rush cemeteries and saloons.
  Colorado a couple snapshots of Colorado.
  save The Old BS class project for an online college course. Fall 1997.
  European holiday we can now say, "been there, done that." which is not to say that we wouldn't want to do some things again.
  Blencowe Family Association The place to go if you can't spell Blencowe. No, you're wrong, it's Blenco. No, wait, it's Blinko. That's the ticket.
  Forever Young Child Care Child Care in Sacramento
  Camellia Assembly Rainbow Girls in Sacramento
  the countup a wedding album and less.
  Sarah a new generation started in 2001.
  Samuel the series continues in 2006.
  shareware created by laughing fish is miserable sweat shops.
  botany biology 21 plant families
  entomology biology 8 insect keys
  photoshop graphic communications samples
  phototography slide shows, portfolio
  raq rarely answered questions
  CDs useless information
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