Natural History of
Mojave National Preserve

A two day field trip into the Mojave Desert

Bio 65em Fall 1997
Instructor: Janet Westbrook
Cerro Coso Community College

Saturday September 27


The field trip started here.


California Desert Information Center is a place to buy books and maps. Also, to ask the question, "What if an endangered species of snake eats an endangered species of rodent?"


thermometer World's largest thermometer. It showed a comfortable 89 degrees Fahranheit. Mojave Desert Information Center is another place to buy books and maps. Unfortunately, they accept credit cards.

Kelso Depot

kelso depot Important water stop, especially when they ran steam trains along this rail route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

Kelso Dunes

kelso dunes Largest dune system in California. We had the rare opportunity to hike these dunes while they were still damp from a recent rain storm.

Black Canyon Group Camp

The class camped near Hole-In-The-Wall.
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