Natural History of
Owens Valley

A two day field trip into the Owens Valley

Bio 65ov Fall 1997
Instructor: Janet Westbrook
Cerro Coso Community College

Saturday October 25


The field trip started here.

Lone Pine

Students from the North joined the class at Lake Diaz.

A stop at Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor Center provided a great place to buy books and maps.

earthquake cem

Victims Gravesite, Earthquake of 1872.


whitney fish Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery This historic building was previously a fish hatchery.

black fish1

Black Rock Fish Hatchery

black fish2 Black Rock Fish Hatchery



The start of the Los Angeles Aquaduct.

Big Pine

The heartier members of the class camped at Baker Creek Campground near Big Pine. The temperature was reported as being between Cold and Darn Cold.
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