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Artist Title Year
B-52's, TheGood Stuff1992
Badu, ErykahBaduizm1997
Baird, DanLove Songs For The Hearing Impaired1992
Barenaked LadiesMaybe You Should Drive1994
Barenaked LadiesRock Spectacle1996
Barenaked LadiesStunt1998
BassomaticSet The Controls For The Heart Of The Bass1990
BauhausThe Sky's Gone Out1985
Beastie Boys, TheHello Nasty1998
Beatles, TheAnthology 3 (disc 1)1996
Beatles, TheAnthology 3 (disc 2)1996
Beatles, TheBeatles, The (disc 1)1968
Beatles, TheBeatles, The (disc 2)1968
Beatles, TheHelp!1965
Beatles, TheRevolver1966
Beatles, TheSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1967
BeckMellow Gold1994
BeckSea Change2002
BeckStereopathic Soulmanure1994
Beck, JeffJeff Beck's Guitar Shop1989
Beck, JeffWho Else!1999
Beck, JeffYou Had It Coming2001
BedlamInto The Coals1992
Beer DawgsA Little Luck2001
Beer DawgsBlonde On The Bayou1999
Beer DawgsSex And Taxes1995
Beethoven, Ludwig VanSymphony No. 51982
Beethoven, Ludwig VanSymphony No. 9 "Choral"1985
Bega, LouA little bit of Mambo1999
Belew, AdrianInner Revolution1992
Belew, AdrianMr. Music Head1989
Belew, AdrianYoung Lions1990
Belfour, RobertWhat's Wrong With You2000
Benedictine Monks Of Santos Domingo De SiloChant1994
Benzedrine Monks Of Santo DomonicaChantmania1994
Berkner, LaurieBumblebees & Googleheads2002
Berry, ChuckHail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll1987
Better Than EzraFriction, Baby1996
Big Audio DynamitePlanet Bad Greatest Hits1995
Big Brother And The Holding CompanyCheap Thrills1968
Bikini KillPussy Whipped1994
Blind Boys of Alabama, TheSpirit Of The Century2000
BlondieThe Best Of Blondie1984
Blue Nile, TheHats1989
BMGA-Ok Sampler2000
Bowie, David'hours...'1999
Bowie, David"heroes"1977
Bowie, DavidBlack Tie White Noise1993
Bowie, DavidEarthling1997
Bowie, DavidFame And Fashion1984
Bowie, DavidHeathen2002
Bowie, DavidOutside1995
Bowie, DavidScary Monsters1980
Bowie, DavidSpace Oddity (ECD)1999
Bramhall II, Doyle & SmokestackWelcome2001
Bramhall, DoyleBird Nest On The Ground1994
Bramhall, DoyleFitchburg Street2003
Brewers DroopThe Booze Brothers1992
Brickell & New Bohemians, EdieGhost Of A Dog1990
Brickell, EdiePicture Perfect Morning1994
Brickell, EdieVolcano2003
Brooks, LonnieSatisfaction Guaranteed1991
Brooks, MeredithBlurring The Edges1997
Broonzy, Big BillBig Bill's Blues1988
Brown, JamesGreatest Hits1997
Buena Vista Social ClubBuena Vista Social Club1997
Buffalo SpringfieldAgain1967
Buffett, JimmyBuffett Live: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays1999
Buffett, JimmyFar Side of the World2002
Buffett, JimmyJimmy Buffett Live! Feeding Frenzy1990
Buffett, JimmyMeet Me In Margaritaville: The Ultimate Collection2003
Buffett, JimmyMeet Me In Margaritaville: The Ultimate Collection (Disc 2)2003
Buffett, JimmySongs You Know By Heart1985
Burnside, R.L.R.L Burnside2000
Bush, KateHounds Of Love1985
Bush, KateLionheart1978
Bush, KateNever Forever1980
Bush, KateThe Dreaming1982
Bush, KateThe Kick Inside1978
Bush, KateThe Kick Inside1978
Bush, KateThe Red Shoes1993
Bush, KateThe Sensual World1989
Bush, KateThe Whole Story1986
Butterfield Blues BandEast-west1966
Butthole SurfersElectriclarryland1996
Butthole SurfersIndependent Worm Saloon1993
Byrne, DavidDavid Byrne1994
Byrne, DavidRei Momo1989
Byrne, DavidThe Forest1991
Byrne, DavidUh-oh1992
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