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The Rail Road

The Bullfrog Shamrock was a short line railroad of historical significance in the State of Nevada. In its heyday, it hauled ore, supplies and people between several communities and mining camps in central Nye County. Many consider the development of the BS vital to the settlement of Nevada. Their motto was, BS is Best.


History of the BS


The construction of the Bullfrog Shamrock Rail Road started April 1st, 1901. The plan was to construct a narrow gauge road from the boomtown of Bullfrog to the new mining district of Shamrock.

Work was started at a site two miles south of the town of Bullfrog. Construction continued at a rather fast pace, until the town of Gold Crater was reached. Continuing North, toward Shamrock, several stations were established until the town of Groom was reached.

The company surveyers then realized that the last 87 miles of track were headed East, rather than North. The surveyors mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter. Construction was halted. The BS never did make it to the Shamrock Mining District; Shamrock quickly died.

The Final Years

The last of the rails were pulled in 1944, with the metal salvaged for the war effort. Thus, the BS helped save the free world.

A New Beginning

While the Bullfrog Shamrock Rail Road had its last spike pulled over 50 years ago, plans are now under way to restore the rails, and refurbish Old Iron Head so that excursion trips could be conducted.

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The Route

Primary Stops

Pahute Mesa
Gold Crater
Gold Reed

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The Timetable

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Mls. July 12, 1912 N0. 14 from BULLFROG & SHAMROCK R. R. No. 13 Ele- 10-9-11 B.F. vation
1 00 pm ...... Lv Bullfrog ........Ar 12 10 pm ...... 1 30 pm 4 Ar Beatty...........Lv 7 10 am 3344 2 00 pm ...... Lv Beatty...........Ar 7 10 am ...... 2 50 pm 21 Lv Transvaal........Ar 4 20 am ...... 3 30 pm 37 Lv Pahute Mesa .....Ar 1 10 am ...... 5 00 pm 69 Lv Gold Crater......Ar 6 20 pm ...... 5 40 pm 78 Lv Wellington.......Ar 3 10 pm ...... 6 00 pm 81 Lv Jamestown........Ar 11 25 am ...... 6 25 pm 90 Lv Wilsons..........Ar 8 40 am ...... 8 00 pm 117 Lv Gold Reed........Ar 3 30 am ...... 2 50 am 158 Ar Groom ...........Lv 12 45 am ......
BULLFROG - GOLDFIELD R. R. 2 10 pm 363 Lv Beatty$ .........Ar 12 50 pm 3344 2 29 pm 369 Hot Springs ....... 12 34 pm 3640 2 44 pm 374 Pioneer ........... 12 23 pm 3920 3 52 pm 401 Bonnie Clare ...... 11 24 am 4010 4 49 pm 425 Ralston ........... 10 24 am ...... 5 36 pm 439 Red Rock .......... 9 53 am ...... 5 54 pm 441 T. & G. Crossing... 9 35 am ...... 6 00 pm 442 Ar Goldfield# ......Lv + 9 25 am 5700
TONOPAH & GOLDFIELD R. R. * 8 30 am 442 Goldfield ......... * 9 30 am ...... 9 52 am 473 Tonopah# .......... * 7 50 am ......

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Save The BS Committee

The First Meeting

On Friday night, June 31st, 1996, a small group of very concerned citizens were having an impromptu meeting at the Exchange Club in Beatty, Nevada. One individual, the Honorable Harry Peabrain, wondered out loud, "Why do we have a Railroad Days Festival and Parade, yet we don't have a railroad in this town?"

There was much mumbling, but finally everyone agreed that they didn't know.

Harry then cried out, "We must rebuild the BS to give our Railroad Days true meaning! Who is with me?"

Everyone fell silent, and sort of tried to look the other way, any way other than looking at Harry.

"Well, I guess I'll have to do everything myself," Harry declared, after seeing the lack of response.

There was a great sigh of relief in the room.

Goals of The Save The BS Committee

  1. Refurbish Old Iron Head to working order
  2. Lay track from Bullfrog to Beatty
  3. Make lots of money running the train from Beatty to Bullfrog
  4. Make more money on return tickets
  5. Lay tracks to Groom
  6. Achieve world peace
  7. Find cures to all diseases
  8. Build a spur to Yucca Mountain
  9. Sell the BS to the Atomic Energy Commission for 1.13 billion dollars, to haul nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain
  10. Retire to Pahrump
  11. Compleat a course on web site design at Cerro Coso College

Support The Save The BS Committee

Contributions to the Save The BS cannot be sent to:

Harry Peabrain, Chairman
Save The BS Committee
3000 College Heights Boulevard
Ridgecrest, California

since Harry only exists in the mind of demented students.


Old Iron Head

Old Iron Head, as it appears today.
(Well, actually yesterday.)
(No, actually last week.)
(Would you believe last year?)
Groom Lake Historical Park,
Groom, Nevada

(Actually, if anyone has actually seen "Old Iron Head", please email me. Reward: A 20% discount coupon on the first trip between Bullfrog and Beatty, good for non-peak days only.)


You Can't Possibly Win 12.84 Million Dollars If You Compleat This Survey.


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